Cannabis is a plant cultivated since antiquity. Cannabis Sativa L. has been used as a source of fiber, food, oil and medicines, as well as for recreational and religious purposes over the centuries. The medical use of the plant was referred to in Chinese pharmacies, has been reported by Dioscurides and Galen. In the 19th century it was used as an analgesic in various diseases. Since 1937 the cultivation of cannabis in the US goes through various phases of prohibition and recognition
Surrounding other countries such as Greece, where cannabis cultivation was known since medieval times. In recent years governments such as Canada, USA, European Union countries and generally the whole planet,
One after another, they legitimize cannabis for medical purposes.
In Greece since 2017, the medical use of cannabis in Greece was also legalized by N. 4523/2018, which was adopted, the cultivation and production of cannabis was allowed for medical use.